How I Sold Out My Newest Program *Without* Having a Sales Page


To me, business is all one big experiment — and about a month ago, I decided to experiment in a whole new way and see if I could sell out a brand-new program... without having a sales page.

As much as I LOVE sales pages, lately I've seen a shift away from more "traditional" online sales tactics into a much more conversation and connection-focused approach. And that's what I wanted to play around with during this launch!

If you'd like to implement a similar strategy in your business and learn how to run a super effective but SUPER low-key launch (oh, and sell out your program while you're at it!) this week’s podcast and blog post are for you!

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As a special bonus to go along with this blog and episode, I wanted to give you a swipe file with the EXACT emails I sent to my list during this five-figure launch!

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Details of the Launch Offer

So first, let me tell you about the offer itself. This launch was for The $5K Club, my brand-new 12-week group program for female entrepreneurs who want to reach consistent $5,000 months in their business.

I limited spots in this program to 10 women and spots were awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. The price point was $900 early-bird, $1,200 regular price.

All 10 spots were filled, resulting in a five-figure launch for me. This is super exciting and a huge win for a brand new program (this is the first time I've run The $5K Club, but it definitely won't be the last!).

If you want on the waitlist for the next round, send me a message here and I'd be happy to add you. 😊

My Launch Strategy

Going into this launch I knew that I wanted to chat one-on-one with each potential student before she joined the program — not only to ensure that she was a good fit for The $5K Club, but also that I was a good fit to be her coach.

For this reason, I opted NOT to have a sales page for The $5K Club. That's right, I sold out this program with NO sales page whatsoever!

Don't get me wrong, sales pages are fantastic and serve a very important purpose in business. But as a launch expert, I'm always playing around with new strategies to see what's working at any given point in time (because this stuff does change).

So what DID I do if I didn't have a sales page?

The majority of my "sales tactics" for this launch revolved around Instagram. Specifically, I talked about The $5K Club on IG Stories every second day or so throughout my launch, and I did a lot of voice memo-ing in Instagram DMs to chat with potential students.

I also ran two mini-series on my Instagram Stories that tied in with my launch of The $5K Club:

  1. I did the first series the the week before I announced the program, and it was a 3-day series where I shared the 3 things every entrepreneur needs to have in place to hit consistent $5K months.

  2. The second was in the last week of the launch, and it was a 4-day series where I shared money management & mindset tips for reaching $5K.

Launch Emails for The $5K Club

I sent out two emails to my mailing list that were dedicated to The $5K Club and where I invited people to message me to learn more. I also sent one pre-launch email where I shared my top tips for hitting $5K months.

Finally, I mentioned the program in the "P.S." sections of 3 different emails (for example, in my weekly T.G.I.K. newsletters).

Overall, I kept this launch very simple, straightforward, and low-key.

What Worked Well in This Launch

Here are the 3 biggest things that I think contributed to my success with this launch:

1. Audio messaging.

This. was. HUGE. 🙌

Of the 10 ladies who joined me in this first round of The $5K Club, I'd sent audio messages to ALL of them to chat more about the program prior to them enrolling.

What did this look like? Well, when someone reached out to ask me more about The $5K Club, instead of sending them back an email or text message, I recorded an audio file or used the voice memo feature in Instagram Direct Messages.

Not only was this super fun and a great way to connect with my potential students, it was also a heck of a lot faster than typing out the program information over and over and over again.

In the last few days of my launch, I also posted a 5-minute audio file on my website and linked to it in my launch emails for people who wanted to learn more about the program.

2. Sharing value on social media.

My biggest goal with social media is always to share tons of value, and I feel I achieved that throughout this launch. The two mini-series on IG Stories were really fun to put together and I got a lot of great feedback on them.

3. Having a clear promise.

The promise for The $5K Club is super simple: I'll help you start hitting consistent $5,000 months in your business.

I think the simplicity of this message is super appealing, plus I know it's something a lot of my audience is working towards. In fact, I ran a poll on Instagram a week prior to launching The $5K Club, and that's how I settled on this particular topic and promise for the program.

In the poll, I asked: "If you could achieve one big thing in your business by the end of 2019, what would it be?" and then gave my followers four answers to choose from. Consistent $5,000 months was the winner!

Final Thoughts

This was the most fun I've had launching a program in a veeeery long time, and I'll definitely be incorporating some of these exact same strategies into my launches moving forward.

P.S. If you want to snag the EXACT emails I sent to my list during this launch (1 pre-launch, two dedicated sales emails, and 3 with “P.S.” mentions) click the image below to grab your free low-key launch email swipe file. ↓


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