The #1 Reason Your Sales Page Isn't Converting


Haaaaaave you met Teddy?


This is Teddy at his 6th birthday party — a pizza party where 32 of his classmates were invited, and not a single person showed up.

I know, I know — I died a little inside when I saw this photo for the first time (and may have shed a tear or two for Teddy). But don’t worry: the story doesn’t end there.

After this photo went viral and broke hearts world-wide, it got the attention of Teddy’s local NBA team, the Phoenix Suns.

Not only did the Suns give Teddy and his family free tickets to their next game, he also got to hang out with the players and meet the mascot beforehand. Not bad for a six-year-old!

Are you a Teddy?

Writing a sales page that doesn’t convert is like sending out a bunch of invites to your birthday party… and having nobody show up.

You’ve been planning the party for weeks. You’re super excited about it.

You ordered enough pizza for 32 people. You tricked the place out with sick decorations. I mean, you even have goodie bags, for God’s sake.

You sent out the invites (beautiful, on-brand invitations that you spent ages working on) and the big day finally rolled around…

And it was a ghost town.

No customers. No enrollments.

Nobody came to your party.

Heart 💗= shattered 💔.


I don’t want you partying alone on your birthday.

I want your “party” (your launch, your new product release, whatever it is) to be the talk of the freaking TOWN. I want people swarming to your party.

So we’ve got some work to do.

If you’ve been rocking a party for 1 for way too long (read: crying into your pizza and wine glass at the end of yet another failed launch), there’s one big culprit that might just be to blame…

Your party invite.

AKA: Your sales page.

Why your sales page isn’t converting

Click over to your sales page right now (seriously, do it) and let’s see if we can’t work some magic.

I’m about to share the #1 mistake I see people make on their sales pages (which I totally made in the past, too, btw!) and why it’s such a party-pooper.

Ready? Here it is:

You nailed the features but forgot the benefits.

Okay, what the heck does that mean, Krista?

Well, to put it bluntly…

People don’t really give a rat’s ass about aaaall the nitty-gritty details of your offer.

They truly don’t care all that much about:

  • How many hours of video content are included in your course

  • The fact that there are exactly 14 workbooks that can all be filled in digitally

  • The name and subtitle of every chapter in your ebook

Focusing only on those details — what we call the “features” of your offer — on your sales page is a MAJOR buzzkill (and a major sales killer, too!).

Focusing only on features is kinda like sending out a party invite that’s a time-stamped itinerary of exactly how the party is gonna go down, minute-by-minute, in excruciating detail.


7-7:10 — Guest arrive at pizza parlor. Hugs and small talk.

7:10-7:15 — Guests are seated and pizza is served.

7:15-7:30 — Guests enjoy pizza and converse.

7:30-7:45 — Presents are opened as guests look on.

Umm, can you say snooze fest?!

Your audience does NOT need a play-by-play of every tiny detail of your offer. And truly, having three hours of video content vs. five probably isn’t going to swing potential customers one way or the other.

Features are important, don’t get me wrong — but they aren’t the main selling feature of your offer. Here’s why:

People don’t buy because of the features of your product.

They buy because of the result or transformation your product will help them achieve.

Let that sink in for a second. In fact, read that sentence again ↑. Maybe twice.

sales page.jpg

In other words…

It’s not about how many workbooks are included in your e-course — it’s about what those workbooks will help your students achieve.

It’s not about the number of lessons in your course — it’s about how those lessons are going to change your customers’ lives for the better.

That’s what your party invite needs to focus on: how EPIC your party is going to be — not a minute-by-minute breakdown of exactly what you’ll be doing at said party.

The Sales Page Quick Fix

If you’re looking at your sales page right now and thinking, “Oh shit. I’ve got features aaaaall over this baby and I haven’t talked much about the results or transformation.”

Don’t worry. We can fix this!

We’re going to add some glitter to your invite and make sure it really sparkles — while hitting on exactly what your potential customer needs to hear to go from browser → buyer.

Instead of focusing solely on the features of your offer, I want you to lean into the benefits.

What are benefits?

The benefits are where you highlight the result or transformation that the features of your product will help your customer achieve.

And guess what? There’s a super simple trick you can use to highlight the benefits on your sales page without needing to make over the entire thing.


The “so that…” trick

Here’s what I want you to do…

Scroll through your sales page and look for any sections where you’ve listed out the features of your offer. For example, let’s say your offer is an online course. The features of your course might be things like:

  • How many modules the course has and the name of each module

  • How many lessons are in the course

  • How many hours of video content are included

  • The workbooks, PDFs, and other support docs included

  • The Facebook group or student community

  • Any bonuses you’re offering

Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t mention these things on your sales page. You should. Not listing any features whatsoever is like sending out a party invite but not telling your guests whether it’s a pizza party or 4 hours of rock climbing.

So yes, the features are important, but we need to expand on them by highlighting the benefits that each feature provides.

To uncover the benefits of each feature, ask yourself questions like:

  1. What is this workbook/lesson/bonus going to help my customer accomplish?

  2. What problem is it helping solve?

  3. What change or transformation is it helping facilitate?

Once you’ve answered these questions and are clear on the benefits of each feature, it’s time for two tiny magical words…

“So” and “that”.

“So that” is a brilliant little duo that we’re going to use to bridge the features and benefits of your offer. To do this, we’re going to frame each item like so:

“Feature” so that… “benefit”.

Basically, for each feature you’ve listed, you’re going to follow it up with the words “so that” and then immediately lead into the biggest benefit of that particular feature.

Here’s an example for one of the features from my Your First Course Launch program so you can see what I mean:

“This course includes a bonus launch calendar (feature) so that you know exactly what needs to happen, and when, during every stage of your launch and you feel confident and organized every step of the way (benefit).

See? I told you those two little words were magic. 😉

Your turn!

Use the “so that” trick to makeover your sales page and really drive home the benefits of your offer. Spend ten minutes right now reading through your sales page and making sure that every feature is immediately followed by at least one benefit.

If you do, I promise you won’t be partying alone for much longer — or, like Teddy, sitting at your pizza party with 32 empty seats.

(Although hey — free tickets to a Suns game doesn’t sound so bad!)


oh hey! have we met?

I’m Krista, a content marketing and copywriting coach for online biz babes who want to build businesses that work even when they’re not.

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