How a Monthly CEO Day Will Transform Your Business


Business can be a freaking WHIRLWIND sometimes. You blink and suddenly three months have gone by and you realize you haven’t accomplished all that much this last quarter. Not gonna lie, it’s a shitty feeling.

In this week’s podcast episode and blog, I want to share a really simple but profound strategy that has transformed the way I do business. It’s called a “Monthly CEO Day” and here’s how it works…

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What is a Monthly CEO Day?

On the last business day of each month, I sit down to review the month that’s ending and set goals for the upcoming month. I call this my “Monthly CEO Day”.

I started doing this a year or two ago when I noticed that all of the months were starting to blur together and that if you asked me, I honestly couldn't tell you what I’d done in my business in any given month.

For this reason, I knew that I I wanted to create space to reflect on each month and get organized before a new month started. Enter: The CEO Day.

What do you do on a monthly CEO Day?

Before we dive in, just a side note that although I call it a CEO “day”, this entire process takes me about 2-3 hours in total — so it’s more like a half-day than a full day.

With that said, it's important to create a CEO Day schedule that works for you! You might do 2 hours and then take the rest of the day off (or even go for a massage to celebrate an awesome month). You might also spend an entire 8 hours on this if your CEO Day routine more robust.

What I Do on my CEO Days

Here’s an exact breakdown of how I currently run my CEO Days. There are three big tasks I work through:

1. I finish up my bookkeeping for the month.

  • I finalize my books

  • I review my profit and loss for the month

  • I review my overall finances along with upcoming purchases and expenses

2. I track my analytics and record my monthly stats and growth

This includes:

  • Monthly website traffic

  • Social media followers

  • Email list subscribers

  • Monthly revenue

3. I write my Monthly CEO Report

My CEO Report is a Google Doc where I record #allthethings that have been going on in my business. This step is when I go a lot deeper and really take time to reflect on the month, see what I accomplished, and set goals for the month ahead.

Other Things You May want to Incorporate in your ceo day

There’s no one right way to have a CEO Day! Like I said earlier, your routine might be simpler or more robust than mine, and that’s totally cool. If you want to beef yours up a bit, here are a few other things you might want to include:

  • Monthly or quarterly content planning

  • Quarterly planning if it's the end of a quarter

  • Some kind of fun celebration if you hit a big goal that month (shopping spree, anyone? 🛍)

My Monthly CEO Report QuestionS

You can totally switch this up to make it work for you, but if you need some inspiration, here are the exact questions I work through when writing my CEO Report each month:

  1. What was successful this month? (For this Q, I review my day planner and see everything I accomplished over the last month and write down my wins).

  2. What did I struggle with this month?

  3. What goals do I have for the upcoming month?

  4. How was my team this month?

  5. What investments did I make this month and what investments do I want to make next month?

  6. What big ideas do I have for my business?

  7. What happened in my personal life this month? (I always like to write about my personal life in my CEO Report because as an entrepreneur, my business and personal life are never completely separate!)

What to Do With Your CEO Reports

I keep all of my Monthly CEO Reports in a folder on my Google Drive account and then every 3 months or so, I sit down and review the most recent CEO Reports.

This is a really fun way to see how far I’ve come in my business (and life!) over the last few months, remind myself of big ideas that I never followed through on, and get a snapshot at overall trends in my business.

In a way, your CEO Reports almost act as like a “business journal”. Ever sat down to read old journals from a year or two ago? It’s kind of trippy!

Will you be trying out a Monthly CEO Day?

This process has made such a huge difference in how I run and show up in my business. My head is a lot clearer, I’m able to see the bigger picture, and I always enter a new month with goals set and a plan in place.

I highly encourage anyone and everyone to give this a try at the end of the month and see what you think. It’s been completely transformative for my business, and everyone I know who’s implemented this strategy always raves about it.

If you do try it out, be sure to let me know how it goes for you! You can also tag me on Instagram (@thecontentboss) if you share your Monthly CEO Day routine or report over there.

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