3 Micro Copy Hacks to Boost Your Sales & Conversions


Biggest lessons learned thus far in the home-buying process:

1. Reading through real estate contracts is undoubtedly one of THE top 10 most boring things on planet earth. Like seriously, my heart goes out to all realtors everywhere.

2. Every single word in a real estate contract/offer/counter-offer is crucial, and the tiniest swap in wording can make a huge difference in the overall scheme of things.

For example:

Crossing out one single word can change EVERYTHING in a contract and result in an offer being accepted, rejected, or one of the parties walking away entirely.

And guess what, buttercup?

The exact same thing applies to your copywriting.

The good news is that you don’t always need to go to town with a red pen to make your writing more persuasive — sometimes the tiniest shifts can make the biggest difference.

So today, let’s get MICRO with your copy.

I’m dropping 3 quick hacks that will immediately make any piece of copy you write more persuasive, captivating, and compelling. And when I say “quick”, I do mean quick; one of these tips literally involves substituting a one-syllable word for another one-syllable word. Ready?

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Copy Hack #1. Convey confidence with four little letters.

Consider the difference between the following two sentences:

“If you join my 3-month coaching program, you’ll receive daily access to me, weekly 1:1 coaching calls, and a free pass to all of my courses and programs.”


“When you join my 3-month coaching program, you’ll receive daily access to me, weekly 1:1 coaching calls, and a free pass to all of my courses and programs.”

Did you catch the difference? It’s subtle, but it’s there! And it all comes down to two little words: “If” vs. “when”.

The “when” version is so much more persuasive than the first because it conveys confidence in your offer (but without being cocky or condescending). The “if” version is more wishy-washy—and wishy-washy is a KILLER when it comes to your copy.

I rarely ever use the word “if” in sales copy unless I’m talking about something that’s unlikely to happen. For instance:

“If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can request and receive a full refund within 30 days of purchasing.”

Other than that, it’s “when” for the win, baby!

This simple swap can be applied anywhere and everywhere, b-t-dubs: sales pages, launch emails, website copy, landing pages, the works. Try it out! Convey confidence in what you have to offer and your audience will feel confident about it, too.

Copy Hack #2. It’s not me, it’s you.

This hack is as simple as changing the word “I” to the word “you”. Okay okay, this one isn’t a straight swap across the board (can you imagine if you replaced the word “I” with the word “you” all throughout your copy? You’d end up with some FUNKY shizz).

But my point is this:

A great piece of copy is always focused on THE PERSON READING IT, not the person writing it.

Here’s a fun fact for ya:

Did you know the human brain is wired to analyze a situation to see what we personally stand to gain (or lose) from it?

Yup, at our core, we’re all a little self-centered. And this means when someone is reading your Work With Me page, or a sales email you wrote, or even just a social media post, they’re thinking one thing:

“What’s in it for me?”

If they glance through and see the word “I” dominating your copy, it’s a subtle cue that can actually be a big turn-off for people on a subconscious level.

What does this mean for your copy?

It means that:

I created this program because I’m passionate about helping photographers turn their hobby into a full-time business.”


“This program will help you turn your photography hobby into a full-time business.”


I’ve included a risk-free 30-day trial.”


You’ll have 30 days to try out the software and if it doesn’t work for you, you’ll get 100% of your money back.”

See how that works? Simple, but powerful. This hack can take a bit more re-jigging than the first, but the end result is oh so worth it.

Copy Hack #3. Round it off with a third.

This final hack isn’t totally conversion-focused, but rather, a super simple way to instantly make your copy sound better; to improve the cadence, flow, and rhythm of your writing.

Spoiler alert: I just used Hack #3 in that very last sentence! Can you spot it?

Here’s another hint:

“To improve the cadence and flow of your writing.”


“To improve the cadence, flow, and rhythm of your writing.”

The second one just SOUNDS better, right? Regardless of whether you read those two sentences out loud or in your head, the flow of the second one is clearly better.

So what’s the tip?

Groups of three, my friend!

Whenever possible, round up a list of two items to a list of 3. No matter what you’re talking about, this tiny tip works like magic!

For example:

“You’re so ready to quit your day job and go full-time in your business.”


“You’re so ready to quit your day job, go full-time in your business, and finally start living life on your own terms.”

When it doubt, 3-it-out! 😉

it’ll only take a minute…

Ready, set, action!

Pop open your newest sales page (or any piece of copy that could use a bit ‘a love) and spice it up with these 3 micro hacks. Then watch as these few tiny tweaks make a HUGE difference to your sales, conversions, and overall growth. 🙌

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