Keywords on Pinterest: How to Find The Perfect Keywords and 6 Places to Put Them


I swear I could spend HOURS pinning on Pinterest every day if time and circumstances allowed. You too?

However, there's one big thing about Pinterest that most entrepreneurs tend to forget (one super important thing, I might add): Pinterest is also a search engine! 

In fact, it's more so a search engine than a social media platform. It runs just like the Google search engine, only it’s more visually-based.

Because Pinterest functions as a search engine, we need to use SEO strategies on Pinterest, just like we do on our websites. And just like your website and blog SEO, your Pinterest SEO comes back to one big thing: Keywords. 

Keywords are your secret sauce for getting found on Pinterest. When you use the right keywords in the right places, you can literally watch your account grow overnight.

But how do you find the perfect keywords on Pinterest, and where should you put them? That's what today's post is all about!


How to find high-quality keywords on Pinterest

Although some keywords that you already use on your website will also work on Pinterest, there's an even easier way to find the perfect keywords for Pinterest.

Drumroll please.... the Pinterest search bar! 

Here's my super quick, 3-step smart-search hack that will generate dozens of relevant keywords you can then use on your Pinterest account:

Step One

Choose a word or phrase that's directly related to your niche. For an example, I'll be using the phrase "blogging tips".

Step Two

Type your word or phrase into the search bar at the top of Pinterest and press Enter.

Step Three

Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 9.04.22 AM.png

Look at the words and phrases that pop up in rectangles just underneath the search bar (see pic above). What are these words and phrases, you ask? 

These are the words and phrases people on Pinterest most commonly search for when they also search for your original search term — in this case, "blogging tips".

AKA, this is your new list of the perfect keywords to use on Pinterest. Genius, right? 

The keywords are ranked in order of popularity from left to right, and you can click the arrow over on the far right side of the page to see even more relevant keywords.

You can also click on any rectangle to explore popular words and phrases related to that term. Within just a few minutes, you’ll have compiled a lost of 30-50 keywords that will help you grow your Pinterest account like crazy.

6 places to use keywords on Pinterest

Now that you've found your keywords, the next question is: Where do you put 'em? 

Well, a few different places. Six, in fact! 

They are:

1. Your Business Name on your profile, if there’s room (there’s now a character limit!)

2. Your bio

3. Your board titles

4. Your board descriptions5

5. Your pin descriptions

6. The titles of your blog posts (because rich pins, baby!) 

Seems simple enough, hey? That's because it is! 

Time to take action!

Your turn!

Open up a Google doc, head over to Pinterest and use the hack from today’s post to find your perfect keywords, and then start incorporating them into all the places listed above.

Pinterest SEO can take a little time to catch up, but before long your profile, boards, and pins should be ranking high up in the Pinterest search. Go you!

Have you been using keywords on your Pinterest account? Are you ready to start? Let me know down below if you have any questions!