Episode 001. So You Wanna Be a Content Boss?


Welcome to the Content Boss Podcast!

We’re live, we’re live, we’re live!

It feels like this podcast has been in the works FOREVER, but at the same time, like the idea for it only popped into my head yesterday. But I’m super excited (and just a tidge proud) to announce that the TCB podcast is ready for your listening pleasure. 😉

AND we’re diving right in with Episode 1…

Warning: This is not your typical intro episode (AKA: skip-over-it-and-wait-for-the-good-stuff-in-episode-2).

We're getting wordy and nerdy right from the get-go and if you know me, you know that I don't hold anything back. 😉

In this episode, we cover:

  • What a "content boss" actually is and why your next best move is to become one

  • A 2-minute recap of my biz journey over the last few years and the "dirty little secret" that led to me eventually becoming a content boss

  • The Content Boss Manifesto: 5 traits that will have you stepping into "content boss" mode in no time (trait #4 is my absolute fave!)

  • How to build a business that shows up, serves, and sells — even when you can't

  • What you can expect in future episodes and how to have a say in what I share and teach on the TCB podcast moving forward!

Excited? Tune in on iTunes or press play below and let me officially welcome you to the Content Boss podcast!

Prefer to read? I gotchu, boo. Here are the down & dirty (and wordy & nerdy!) highlights from Episode 1…

The Content Boss Manifesto: 5 Traits of a content boss

Wondering what a “Content Boss” actually is, and why you’d wanna become one? Here are 5 traits that will have you stepping into Content Boss mode in no time — and reaping aaaaall the benefits that come with building your business the TCB way.

1. The Content boss is building a business that supports her dream lifestyle.

In other words, she’s working to live rather than living to work. She’s focused on leverage and on setting up passive streams of income so she can make money even when she’s not “in office”, grinding it out.

2. the content boss has systems in place to attract, nurture, and sell to her ideal peeps — without having to do it all “live and in person”.

She uses social media, sales funnels, a kickass welcome series, sales pages, and so much more to attract the right people to her business, connect with them, and eventually, land the sale.

3. the content boss creates content intelligently and with a purpose.

She always has an end goal in mind for every piece of content she creates. She has big goals for her business and for herself, and she knows exactly how each piece of content she creates is going to move her toward those goals. She repurposes her content so she’s making the maximum impact with everything she writes and creates.

4. THE CONTENT BOSS blends strategy with creativity.

To create content that her people love and that keeps them coming back for more, she’s not afraid to flex her creative muscles. To create content that moves the needle in her business, she's also down to get strategic with it. It’s always a mix of both creativity and strategy.

5. THE Content Boss is a content boss.

Okay, this one’s a little harder to explain via text, so bear with me for a sec.

Content = words, copy, blogs, AKA: content marketing

Content = happy, satisfied, lovin’ life

See what I did there? 😏

Yep, I chose a heteronym for the name of my brand (and yes, I did have to look up the word “heteronym” because I had no clue what it was called).


When you put your words to work and learn how to scale your business with your content, and when you’re creating the impact and income you want to create WITHOUT working crazy hours and running yourself into the ground…

You become a content boss. Happy, satisfied, lovin’ life.

The Content Boss is building a business that allows her to enjoy her life. She has hobbies, a social life, romance, time with family, travel, adventure. Life is good, and her business supports that.

So You Wanna Be a Content Boss.png

That’s it for episode 1 of The Content Boss podcast!

Moving forward, you can expect new episodes to be released once a week on Wednesdays (think, “Wordy Wednesdays” to help you remember).

If you have a suggestion for a future episode you’d love me to record, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me on my contact page here or by sending me a message on Instagram!


- Krista