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Episode 004. Why My First Course Launch Flopped and 5 Mistakes to Avoid With Yours

Despite my big dreams and best intentions, my first course launch wasn’t exactly a smashing hit. In fact, I didn’t make ANY sales on the day I launched my first course (and yea, it felt super shitty).

In this week’s episode, I’m breaking down five of the biggest mistakes I made during my first course launch so you can avoid those mistakes a hit a home run with your very first course.

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Episode 003. Write an Epic Welcome Series in the Next 7 Days

You likely know the importance of having an email list as an entrepreneur, right? In a nutshell, your email list is an immediate and direct way to connect with your audience without any algorithm interference (*cough IG cough*).

But for some reason, writing a welcome series for your email list is something that seems to so often get put on the back burner. I’ve seen lots of entrepreneurs get hung up on things like: What should I write in my series? How long should it be? How far apart should the emails be spaced out?

And so, you procrastinate…

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