Episode 003. Write an Epic Welcome Series in the Next 7 Days

You likely know the importance of having an email list as an entrepreneur, right? In a nutshell, your email list is an immediate and direct way to connect with your audience without any algorithm interference (*cough IG cough*).

But for some reason, writing a welcome series for your email list is something that seems to so often get put on the back burner. I’ve seen lots of entrepreneurs get hung up on things like: What should I write in my series? How long should it be? How far apart should the emails be spaced out?

And so, you procrastinate…

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5 Reasons No One is Signing Up for Your Freebie (and What to Do About It!)

The unthinkable has happened.

You spent two weeks creating the most beautiful, impactful, value-packed opt-in freebie imaginable. You designed the landing page and set up the delivery email and even wrote an entire welcome series to go along with it (‘cuz if you’re gonna go “all in” on this whole list-building thing, you’re going ALL. IN.).

You launch your freebie out into the world, excited to welcome a stream of new subscribers into your community. But then, the hours start going by… and those hours start turning into days… and then into weeks… and months… and still, no one’s biting.

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13 Creative Ways to Use Your Email List to Grow Your Business

Why is email marketing such a powerful strategy? Because email is a direct line into your subscriber’s world. The majority of people check their emails every single day, and 34% of people check their email more than ten times throughout the day. In other words, your email subscribers aren’t likely to miss a message from you!

Compare that to a platform like Instagram where you spend hours trying to plan the perfect grid of photos, write the perfect captions, and figure out the perfect time to post… only to have less than 10% of your followers even see your posts in their feed.

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