Episode 004. Why My First Course Launch Flopped and 5 Mistakes to Avoid With Yours

Despite my big dreams and best intentions, my first course launch wasn’t exactly a smashing hit. In fact, I didn’t make ANY sales on the day I launched my first course (and yea, it felt super shitty).

In this week’s episode, I’m breaking down five of the biggest mistakes I made during my first course launch so you can avoid those mistakes a hit a home run with your very first course.

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Episode 003. Write an Epic Welcome Series in the Next 7 Days

You likely know the importance of having an email list as an entrepreneur, right? In a nutshell, your email list is an immediate and direct way to connect with your audience without any algorithm interference (*cough IG cough*).

But for some reason, writing a welcome series for your email list is something that seems to so often get put on the back burner. I’ve seen lots of entrepreneurs get hung up on things like: What should I write in my series? How long should it be? How far apart should the emails be spaced out?

And so, you procrastinate…

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The #1 Reason Your Sales Page Isn't Converting

Writing a sales page that doesn’t convert is like sending out a bunch of invites to your birthday party… and having nobody show up.

You’ve been planning the party for weeks. You’re super excited about it.

You ordered enough pizza for 32 people. You tricked the place out with sick decorations. I mean, you even have goodie bags, for God’s sake.

You sent out the invites (beautiful, on-brand invitations that you spent ages working on) and the big day finally rolled around…

And it was a ghost town.

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